Real Estate

Real Estate


Build a diversified portfolio and hedge against market volatility Investors finally have the opportunity to invest outside of traditional stocks and bond markets thanks to the Primewave Growth REIT fund. Here’s how the fund works:

  • Our experienced real estate team pinpoints properties with the highest potential.
  • We purchase, renovate and manage apartment buildings across the country the fund renovates the units to increase the cash flow. This immediately increases the building’s value as well as the rents.
  • Cash flow from rents is reinvested throughout the fund’s term to continue adding new properties and funding renovations. Since all properties are cash flowing, we wait and let the assets further appreciate so we can sell them at a maximum
  • When the market is right, we sell the assets and redistribute profits among investors.

From the moment you invest, your dollars are hard at work. When you invest with Primewave, you are investing with a partner, not just a broker. Other broker platforms charge you unnecessary middleman fees. Our key differentiator is that we are a sponsor-direct
platform. This means we own and manage all of our own assets. Your investment is managed by us and your return will come under our ownership alone, removing several layers of third parties and their fees. We provide value by strategizing and leveraging industry knowledge to maximize your return. Our team is involved throughout the whole investment lifecycle to ensure you are provided the managed investment you hoped for. We provide decades of successful real estate investing experience while we pursue the best results for our investments.

The Primewave Growth REIT is designed to be a long-­term investment and is inherently illiquid in nature. It has a 2-year projected term. We aim to invest in projects that can be sold within approximately two years. We maintain several cash-flowing
properties in the portfolio, generating revenue from rents. When market conditions are suitable for an advantageous liquidation event, we sell the assets at which point investors will receive their principal and returns back. Our team shares the same vision and we have the experience. We have the team, the platform, and the technology to make it happen and nothing’s going to stop us from bringing wealth-building opportunities to the everyday investor.


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