We’re Global

We’re Global

We all have dreams of a successful retirement, ensuring a legacy for our family, protecting our family from unexpected circumstances. Planning and taking action steps necessary to achieve these dreams can be difficult.

At Primewave, we help our clients create a strategic plan and guide them along the way to ensure they reach their goals and objectives. We determine the financial resources available to work with and anticipate additional wealth that will be available in the future to help achieve your financial objectives.

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There is a fine line between advice and education. Advice begins where education should end.

The moment a participant asks a plan representative which 401(k) option they should be investing their money in, the participant is now seeking financial advice.

Using only the investment options available in the plan, we answer the question as to what an employee should invest their money in.

We work with each employee to develop an appropriate asset allocation. We teach Economics 101…understanding the influence and impact of supply and demand on the stock market and in everyday life.

Our advisors work with employees to develop a game plan for creating a financially secure retirement.

Our advisors help employees develop realistic expectations towards saving for retirement. Our advisors help employees develop realistic expectations of how much income one might be able to generate in retirement.

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